Complete the information of your reservation so you can make any kind of change

Terms and Conditions

At ZITU 106 it is important to us that our guests are familiar with our policies so that you have a complete understanding of the services we offer.

Information Privacy and Security: Through our website, guests are able to request information about ZITU 106 and subscribe to our mailing lists. We may ask for personal information like your name, address, email, and phone number in order to contact you when necessary and respond to your comments, questions, or concerns. We guarantee that the information provided is confidential and will only be used for these specified reasons.

Online Reservations and Payments: In order to make a reservation our guests may use our secure online platform, powered by Sirvoy. This system will create a reservation code, then you will be receiving an email with the reservation details as confirmation. Rates within the reservation system Do not include 19% VAT, which will be paid at the hotel along with the total amount of the reservation at check-in.

Cancellations and Changes: Guests may cancel or modify their reservation without charge up to 3 days before arriving at ZITU 106. Any changes made outside of this period will be subject to a charge equal to the cost of one night’s stay, based on the cost of the apartment when the reservation was made.

External Links: Our website contains links to external sites with information that we believe may be useful to guests when booking with us. These external websites may have terms and conditions different than those of ZITU 106. We are not responsible for anything that happens outside of our website. For more information, please contact the respective websites.

Minors (under 18): As a part of our privacy statement, we cannot accept reservations made by minors (under 18). All minors must be accompanied by a legal guardian or parent who is 18 years or older, whether it be online or in person.

Cleaning Services: ZITU 106 offers cleaning services twice a week on Wednesdays and Fridays, free of charge. Any additional services will be subject to a charge that will be added to the bill during check out. ZITU 106 provides one set of personal hygiene products (soap, shampoo, toilet paper, etc.) with the apartment when you first arrive. Our guests are responsible for any additional products.

Modifications to Our Terms and Conditions: ZITU 106 reserves the right to change our terms and conditions at any time, without notification. This includes changes to our user database and website. We recommend that you consult these terms each time you visit our site in case there is any change.